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I finished my sketchbook for the Sketchbook Project and posted it on Wednesday. I didn’t get started till the Christmas Holidays so it’s a bit slapdash, but on the other hand that stopped me from being too precious about it, and it’s basically a whole lot of ‘I’ll try this and see what happens’. I had chosen Lines and Grids for my theme, but I couldn’t think how to approach it, till I had a dream that I had stitched pairs of pages together to make them thicker – so that’s what I did, and worked into them with various media, and a bit of weaving and lacing. I would like to have spent more time on it but it was fun and I’m pleased I finished it.


I’ve uploaded pics of the whole thing to Art House Co-op, and on Flickr as a slideshow.

However, I recommend virtually leafing through some much more timeworthy sketchbooks, for example,

Mixed Media
Dreaming Spirals
Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese
Anita Bruce
Elly Wright

8 thoughts on “Sketchbook Project

  1. Oh Fiona, What a feast for the eyes! Its fantastic. You have such original ideas and its just so exciting to look through. Puts my rushed feeble effort to shame!

  2. Penny, I thought exactly the same about yours – maybe we just can’t see what we’ve achieved ourselves!! Yours is beautiful and
    really conveys a sense of place.

  3. I think your sketchbook is great Fiona. You have managed a wide range of ways to show grids and lines. It works really well. I did think about taking part but never got round to it. I feel a bit embarrassed that I didn’t as I have just recently given a talk on my sketchbooks to an Embroiderers Guild group.

  4. I love it! I have no excuse not to finish mine now Showcase is done and they’ve allowed for late submissions. I also want to send it off so I can move on to teh 27 photos! x

  5. Congratulations. Its finished…I didn’t even start!
    I especially like the bottom 4 .The one with burgundy and turquoise looks like butterfly wings patterns.

  6. Hi, I’ve just signed up for this years swap and found you while looking to see what other artists have done. Thanks for the links to other blogs, I will check them out. I also enjoyed your post with the photo grid, good idea!

  7. its just beautiful Fiona! tender use of fibre and color, and texture in the work.. beautiful and inspiring!

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